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We are the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Since we provide quality services of study visa, visitor visa and counseling to our customers, The Sunshine Immigration Consultancy is the most trusted immigration service provider in Chandigarh. Based on ethics and trust, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with our clients.

Why Best Immigration consultant in Chandigarh

Address: SCO 254, Level 2 Sector 44 C Chandigarh _ THE SUNSHINE IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY

If you are in a quest of cheapest countries to study abroad for being an Indian students, then you are at the optimistic place to end your quest. The Sunshine Immigration Consultancy is the most trusted immigration service provider in Chandigarh, built on ethics and conviction where we hope to cater a long-term partnership as well as rapport with clients. They assist their clients with the best study visa as they are considered to be the “Best Immigration consultants in Chandigarh”.

What The Sunshine helps in is as follows:

The task which are under taken by ‘The Sunshine Immigrations’ are quite promising - Student’s profile evaluation with assessment of educational and monetary background check. Pulling up necessary documentation to fit in stack with proper required assistance. Most eligible fragmentation of colleges and universities according to the assessment of student’s profile and record for deliberate actions. They ensure the smooth and sleek progress in all aspects of the Visa and Immigration Service driven by them. Also drafting the perfect statement of Purpose for Study Visa in a most authentic and promising manner so that the questions/answer sessions may not occur at any term of doubt. They are also stalemates with the leading and promising Canadian, US, UK, Germany, and Australian Universities as well as Colleges. There is no Application fee to be as it sum up at zero rate. There is also an option of “Without IELTS” on condition, offer letter. Hidden Charges null & Void.

More options like - Tuition Fee after Visa availability. For deserving students, Stipend options correspondingly available. Affordable Payment Options are duly available (in instalments)*

*Note: For PR

They run up in Up-to-the-minute info about any changes in visa rules of specific countries with bringing up-to-date info about the progress in Student’s application. PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) evaluation and discoursing the necessities according to nearly states is also taken under consideration. There is a whole team entails of individuals who have yonks of expertise and are pretty much proficient with the ever- amending immigration guidelines and protocols. Their outwitting conduct to transparency and wonderful record of accomplishment in assisting plentiful personages to apprehend their foreign dream for immigration, study, or PR is validly taken in continence. While they guide the students they do it with thorough consideration of their record and do discuss opportunities correspondingly. Requirements of clients are followed by clarifying all vital parameters of the process including the fees, commitments, or time for approval which the entire process tends to be completed.

Being best in the highlights ‘The Sunshine Immigration’ is popularly known to knob each case with pragmatic attention and set forth their clients with tremendous guidance - “guidance that puts them in evident standing to get a visa”. Also, being a faithful Visa consultant they postulates post visa encouragement such as tourism and housings or lodgings needs which are under the basic necessity to survive overseas.

Tracing down from the immigration consultants in Chandigarh who can certify the anticipated outcomes would have been a lot meeker and if there were some suggestion catalogues where you can catch them all along with acquaintance info and reviews and with ratings hence there are reviews which are based on the feedback acknowledged by the customers who have exercised their services. The Sunshine ImmigrationStudy visa consultant in Chandigarh is rated on the following basis:

1. Ground work

2. Focused countries Competency

3. Visa Fee

4. Professionalism and After-sales/ customer service.

5. Case filing officers and counsellor working along with their experience, etc.

In the bunch of immigration in Chandigarh ‘The Sunshine Immigration’ tends to be the best here and the most preferred one too. With other consideration on your list you can consider this as best possible to consult first. Prayers be with you!


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The Most Eminent Visas and best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.
  • We’ve been innovating in the immigration industry for a long time. We have over 13,000+ happy aspirants in our portfolio.
  • Our experts are responsible for guiding a large number of citizens through the application process for study visas, dependent Visa, Family visas, and visitor visas in various countries.
  • We have trained immigration experts recognized by many foreign agencies and organizations. We work with countries such as Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, Germany, and The United States. This is why we are popular as one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.
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Through an interview, we learn about our clients’ needs and requirements. We guide all our clients in the right direction after reviewing the conversation. Look for the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. You will find us because of our understanding of conduct. It shows our commitment to providing the best possible service to any immigration applicant.

We are specialized in Study Visa with 100% success ratio. Our experienced staff are PIER & ICEF certified from well recognized Universities & Colleges of Canada, Australia, UK, and USA. We have highly qualified staff who will assist you in getting the admission in the universities and colleges in abroad.